European Bathroom Design – Why Is It Becoming A Popular Choice?

European Bathroom Design – Why Is It Becoming A Popular Choice?

So, you got your eyes on those European bathroom designs and applications you see on the glossy papers of the magazines and papers? Thinking you cannot afford it? Now, it is not impossible at all. All you need to have is the right combinations of fine bathroom package and essentials. You can easily live in a house with a European influence by having your bathroom affixed with the right pieces of European-inspired furniture, equipments, devices, and storage cabinets.

To help you in conceptualizing European bathroom design, here are the following must-haves:

First, and the most popular choice, is having a frameless shower doors. This is typical in a European home. Frameless bathroom doors have in fact originated in Europe. These are great choice not only for aesthetical reasons but for safety as well. They emanate a grand, elegant effect because they make your bathroom look and feel so different.

Apart from that, a frameless bathroom shower door is easy to maintain. So, having one is also a way to keep your European bathroom spotless. It is usually constructed out of materials that have passed rigid safety tests. And this is the reason why frameless bathroom doors are sold widely in the US.

You can get a frameless bathroom shower door that come as package together with the new tub or shower unit. If you don’t want as complete package, you can have one that can be fitted over your standard tub.

When purchasing as a separate unit, it is important to consider mainly the sizing that matches your existing tub or shower unit. You don’t want the hassles of tripping back to the store where you purchased the wrong one to replace it, so make sure you have checked this issue.

Next must-have is a shower that has its nozzle stuck onto the wall. Floor drain is another vital European thing that must come with this shower concept.

Curtains are essential. While there are many kinds of curtains available, choose the right one. Curtains can actually pass as optional, but having those lovely designed curtains will surely push your new bathroom like it is into uniquely elegant place.

Half-tub and bidet are other must-haves. Half tub allows you to sit and not lie down. The bidet on the other hand is the kind that lets you clean some parts of your body that are not often tanned.

Having these essentials will make it easy to conceptualize your new European bathroom design. And since this is most likely new venture for you, always consult a professional.

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European Style and Max Flow Rainshower Units

European Style and Max Flow Rainshower Units

Two very unique designs of rainshower units are the European style and the Max Flow. Both of these can be bought from any home improvement store operating within your area of residence. With that said, you should not have any difficulty in looking for a model that best suits your needs and requirements. The thing that makes the European model stand out is its sunflower shower head, while the 54 nozzles of the Max Flow is definitely an admirable attribute that makes it a great choice among those looking for a unique shower head.

The good thing about these two designs is that they can be installed without the need for professional home plumbing skills. Homeowners can just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to get them installed on their bathroom in no time. However, they also have the option to ask for help from a company plumber to carry out the installation for them if they don’t think they can handle it on their own.

The elegant European style rain shower head measures 6 inches, and is available in chrome finish. Its 60 nozzles add to the experience of as if showering in the rainfall. This feature makes this showerhead resemble like a sunflower. This shower head has a filter that can reduce 99% of chlorine for up to 10,000 gallons of water. In addition, this removes various minerals present in the water like hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, arsenic, iron, calcium carbonate, magnesium, cadmium, chromium and selenium. Surprisingly, it can also prohibit the growth of organisms like fungi, algae and bacteria. The advantage of this showerhead design is its 10-inches hi-low shower arm that allows for height and angle adjustment of up to 20 inches. Its other benefits include the elimination of odor in water, easy to installation, and quick setup. Moreover, this model also allows convenient filter cartridge replacement.

On the other hand, the Max Flow shower head measures 7.5 inches wide, but there is an optional extension arm of 9 inches. This shower head with 54 nozzles can be positioned overhead instead of facing out from the wall, a characteristic that adds to a decadent shower experience. This shower head is Eco-friendly because it only uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This model can also help boost water pressure by 30 percent thanks to the Oxygenics technology that it uses. This added pressure makes the water falling from the unit to feel fuller and more comforting than tap pressure. Another good point about it is that it is compatible with tank-less water heaters and other conventional models.

Check out this page for more detail on rainshower units [] or this page on home plumbing [].

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European-Styled Cabinet Knobs and Handles

European-Styled Cabinet Knobs and Handles

Whoever you might be, you will always be in need of cabinets for your kitchen. You will from time to time need to either buy cabinets or renovate the ones already in place. When going through with such projects, it’s mandatory not to rush anything, to take your time and find the design which is perfect for you, from the hinges to the knobs. Selecting the right cabinet knob can have major repercussions on the style flow of your cabinets, and thus I recommend that you look into European cabinet knobs due to the touch of class and elegance they bring.
There is, of course, more than one European knob style to choose from. Designs range from classic to modern, and are available in a plethora of materials, such as plain brass, aluminum, wood, or of elements even more chic, such as glass or crystal.
If you want to find a catalog to browse through the available doorknobs, you’ll be pleased to learn that many European manufacturers are selling their goods in the United States. If you want to look locally, I suggest you check out your local supplier, online retailer, or a cabinetmaker.
So how do you know which European look will fit with your cabinetry? Well, after having hired someone to sleekly design your cabinets, you should look through a catalog and see which doorknobs would go best when taking into account the different attributes of the room such as color, style, size and shape.
In conclusion, European cabinet knobs are the premium choice of the public when it comes to sprucing up the kitchen. If you’re not sure as to what you want and don’t really know where to look, try using google, and remember that as long as the style and color of the knob match with the cabinetry and the room, an air of class and elegance is bound to be in the air.

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