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Decorate Your Home With European Tapestries

Decorate Your Home With European Tapestries

If you are fed up with seeing bland, pale walls around your home try decorating with beautiful wall art such as European tapestries. The extensive range of tapestries and other cloth designs bring variety and individuality to your home; whereas many people have paintings and photographs to fill their walls, nobody will have the elegance and beauty that comes with a quality wall hanging such as a tapestry.

They don’t have to be expensive

You are probably thinking that European tapestries and wall hangings are not for you because you don’t have thousands of pounds to spend. However you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the very reasonable prices of tapestries, especially if you are purchasing them online. Whereas a good quality painting can cost you a few hundred pounds, tapestries can be purchased off of the internet for under £100.

There is always going to be a difference in price depending on the quality of the wall hanging that you purchase. If you are buying one of the hand-woven authentic pieces from a well developed country, you will expect to pay more – if you are purchasing a mass produced design from a factory, then the rate will be cheaper. Belgian tapestries in particular are renowned for their fineness and quality.

Will they fit my style?

If you are concerned that tapestries will look old and ancient, think again – there are so many modern varieties, producing using modern techniques from all over the world, which will fit perfectly in any surroundings. Certainly there are old-looking copies of Renaissance paintings, but contrastingly there are modern city scenes and modern art depicted in cloth.

They will be hard to hang correctly, surely?

No! You will find that many modern tapestries cater for those of us that are unable to hang things straight without falling off step ladders. The backing linings and tunnels allow you to easily hang the tapestries on any flat and clean surface; you can also easily move the tapestry from wall to wall if you wish.

How dirty will they get?

The level of dirt and dust that accumulates really depends on where you hand the tapestry and also the amount of people in the room. If you find that your children are leaving sticky handprints all over your walls, make sure that the wall hanging is high enough that they will not be able to damage it. A quick vacuum will remove any dust and most dirt, but dry cleaning may be necessary for hard dirt.

I dislike mass-produced artefacts

Many of the European tapestries sold are hand woven in countries such as France and Spain, with the finest possibly being Belgian tapestries. If you are concerned about where the tapestry has come from, check with the retailer to ensure that it was hand woven and not created in a mass scale in an Asian factory.

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Looking for Middletown Connecticut Apartments with Open Floor Plans

Looking for Middletown Connecticut Apartments with Open Floor Plans



A contemporary design for homes and later for apartments now is the open floor plan that has become a popular amenity in homes and apartments. The concept here is to create openness and traffic flow to different areas with different functions. This way, separate rooms become one connected areas where spaces are utilized for different things.


In the 1940s and the 1950s, the commonly used design for homes is the separated, cellularized rooms. Since homes then are larger, each part or room has an assigned function such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, study room and the like. However, with relatively smaller spaces available especially with apartment homes, the idea of open floor plans emerged. By getting rid of walls and doorways and widening the passageways, you get more view and thus roominess. It looks more spacious and conducive for activities.


It is a good thing that many apartments in Middletown CT are offering open floor plans where you can make your own designs of your apartments. Some people just dread the thought of moving into an apartment where he knows that have the same style as the 49 other rooms or worse it has the style of the previous owner! With some Middletown Connecticut apartments now, you can now create your own style with their open floor plan amenity.


The advantage of an open floor plan is that you are able to maximize your space with just a smaller budget. Family members are able to interact and converse even if they are engaging in their own activities. The mother can do her cooking and at the same time watch the kids play and watch TV in the living room. With this new concept, some rooms are now also being used for other functions if you have minimal space like you can use the dining table for family dinners and at the same time it can serve as a place for reading your newspaper or office documents.


For some having an open floor plan is no good as a single room with different functions can be distracting and the noise that travels around the room can be quite annoying. However, with the open floor plan’s growing popularity it is obvious that many see the benefits of this design for them and their family.



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Flat Pack House Flexibility: From Low Cost Housing Development to Idyllic Cottage

Flat Pack House Flexibility: From Low Cost Housing Development to Idyllic Cottage

There are a number of reasons people are drawn to flat pack construction, from its low cost to the energy efficiency provided by the structural insulated panels from which flat pack houses are made. However, the flexibility of a flat pack house is perhaps the reason behind the widespread popularity of flat packs: you can just as easily build a low cost housing development of identical three-bedroom houses as you can an idyllic cottage built to your own specifications. The UK’s ‘one stop shop’ for flat pack homes, SIP Direct (, looks at the different options available.

Flat pack construction has one primary material at its core: structural insulated panels (also known as SIPs). These composite panels have a fibreglass and polystyrene core which offers six times as much insulation as a standard brick build. They are light and easy to manipulate in the construction process and yet strong, airtight and durable. These insulated panels can be applied to multiple different architectural designs, allowing you to create a basic garden shed or a multi-level mansion of a house. This flexibility, along with the improved technology of flat pack construction and the materials used, has seen flat packs really take off.

At the bottom end of the scale, flat pack technology can provide basic, almost shell-like constructions which are compact and low cost but which provide the same energy efficiency and air-tight insulation as a larger, more complex build. These are perfect for garden rooms, sheds, outdoor offices and garages. Moving up the scale, and the type of construction growing in popularity in a difficult housing market, is the home flat pack. Once you’ve chosen the size and layout of your flat pack home, construction can begin (and be completed) offsite. Your flat pack arrives on the back of a lorry and quickly takes the shape of your home. In fact, the average three-bedroom house only takes a week from the foundations to being completely wind- and water-tight! The same process can of course be repeated for a whole development of flat pack houses and the low cost of construction makes this a hugely attractive prospect for developers.

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, you can even create your dream idyll of a cottage from a simple house flat pack. You can work closely with the experts at SIP Direct to design the cottage of your dreams and then make it reality for significantly less than any resale cottage could be purchased for. Flat pack technology and the flexibility of SIPs means that you can just as easily create a picture-postcard cottage as you can a standard three-bedroom house, and in the same incredibly quick turnaround.

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